Reading and Audiobooks: - a huge library of stories to listen to... - an excellent library of stories translated in many languages. - more free books on-line... stories in more than 50 languages  - books, magazines, and lessons (unfortunately no longer free) - free stories read to you on-line by celebrities - stories in many languages - the author of Dogman and Captain Underpants has fun reading and lessons here... - for more advanced readers levels - world news in various levels

Vocabulary and Picture Dictionaries: - an on-line picture dictionary - fun and free vocabulary lessons - on-line picture dictionary - on-line video dictionary - free on-line dictionary - on-line math dictionary

Grammar, Games, and More....: - great site for early phonological awareness - fun ELL lessons: grammar, vocabulary, puzzles, etc. - ELL lessons: grammar, games, free stuff fun learning games - create your own subscription here - learning games for pre-k to grade 3.

ELL Tools: - summarizes text for you - simplifies difficult English for you

COVID 19 Resources (Learning from home):  - learning from home resource from BC - a gentle story for children that explains Covid in many different languages