Parents: If you are looking for additional ELL homework, feel free to try some of these archived lessons and submit them to Ms. Crowe.  I would love to see your work!  Most of these activities will be adapted for K-7 or I will specify what grade the activities are meant for...have fun!

June 15, 2020:

Are you a fan of Captain Underpants and Dog Man? If you are, the author, David Pilkey has some great lessons based on his books for you.  Give them a try!



June 11, 2020:

I have another great ELL tool on my RESOURCES page that I would like you to check out and play with.  It helps you simplify difficult English and find synonyms for tough words.  I hope it helps you!



June 8, 2020:

I have recently added a number of websites to my RESOURCES page,  Please check it out!  One that I would like to draw your attention to is a really amazing tool for helping students summarize and simplify text. Please spend some time playing around with it!



June 4, 2020:

It has been so great to see so many of you back at school this week!  Here is another lesson that is based on an inspiring image.  Please send me your answers in written or video form.



June 1, 2020:

Today I have a fun Youtube video for you.  Are you familiar with the children's book author Dr. Seuss?  He has written many books used by teachers over the years to teach reading because there are so many rhymes and so much rhythm in them.  Recently, his book The Lorax was a huge hit in the movie theatre.  Well, a creative fellow has turned The Lorax book into a rap over Dr. Dre beats!  It's very entertaining.  Listen for the rhyme and rhythm and, if you have the book, try reading along!  He has also turned other Dr. Seuss books into raps, too! Enjoy listening...



May 28, 2020:

One of my favourite websites for multi-level ELL games is free and on my resource page.  There is a huge variety of games that could keep you busy for a long time... Please check it out!  Have fun!



May 25, 2020:

Today I wanted to draw your attention to one of my favourite websites for reading.  It has excellent stories and the best part is they are available in many languages, not just English. What I love is you can actually toggle between two languages and it will also read the stories to you in the different languages.  There are many reading levels available, too.  Please take some time to check it out!  Enjoy!





May 21, 2020:

Hello!  Here is is another picture that inspires thinking.  Please enjoy the picture and answer the questions.  You can email me 

your responses in written form or video form.  Check out the link below:


May 18, 2020:

I hope you are having a lovely Long Weekend!  The weather has improved today - hooray!  Here are a few pdf files with so many ideas for Home Learning English Language Activities!  You can pick and choose as many as you like.  Some take a few minutes and others take longer.  I hope you find a few that you enjoy!



May 14, 2020:

Today's lesson can be done as a whole family.  It's a great lesson for practicing reading and even math!  The best part of this lesson is there is a sweet reward at the end!  I have a favourite cookie recipe that I would love you to try! I used Spring coloured sprinkles to make these cookies look especially cute for Spring.  Try reading the recipe together with your kids and have fun practicing fractions in math!  You should be able to print my recipe in the word document attached.  I would love to see "recipe reviews" or photos of your cookies...Enjoy!  














May 11, 2020:


What beautiful weather we have had!  It has felt like summer!  I hear it will be changing soon, so I thought I would suggest an OUTDOOR SCAVENGER HUNT today to make sure we take advantage of great walking weather while is lasts.  I would love to hear about what you find around your yard, neighbourhood, or the North Shore forests.  Once again, have fun with adjectives...

                                      Here is something I found in my neighbourhood.  This is my #12 - Something I think is a treasure.  A                                                     a family has been painting rocks in beautiful patterns and colours.  Some even have inspirational quotes on                                         them.  They make me feel happy and joyful when I walk past this rock garden and see new ones each day. 






Outdoor Scavenger Hunt:

1.  Something colourful.

2.  Something smooth.

3.  Something rough.

4.  Two kinds of leaves.

5.  Two kinds of sticks.

6.  Something bumpy.

7.  A flat rock.

8.  Something fuzzy.

9.  Something pretty.

10.  Two kinds of flowers.

11.  A piece of litter.

12.  Something you think is a treasure.

May 7, 2020:

Today's lesson is a printable board game!  Have fun with printing and playing a sight word board game!  The rules are on the first page.  If the website doesn't link, please copy and paste it into your browser.  Make sure to try using your sight words in sentences. Have fun!




May 4, 2020:

Today's lesson is an Indoor Scavenger Hunt!  Have fun finding these things in your home and please write me a list of what you find!  You could even take photos and label them. You will have fun learning adjectives while you do the hunt!  Happy hunting!

Indoor Scavenger Hunt:

1.  Find something you can turn.

2.  Find something that is bumpy.

3.  Find something that is metal.

4.  Find something that you put together.

5.  Find 3 things that are round.

6.  Find something you twist.

7.  Find something that is shiny.

8.  Find something that you can roll.

9.  Find a tube.

10.Find 3 things that are squishy.

11.Find something clear.

12.Find something that can bounce.


April 30, 2020:

Today's lesson is just a reading activity.  I found a website that has a story translated into many, many languages - hopefully a language you speak! The story is about Covid-19 and I feel it describes it in a gentle and reassuring way for children.  Please read it before showing it to your children and judge if you think it is appropriate for your child.  They can read it in their home language as well as in English.  Or you could read it in your home language to them.  I hope you enjoy the story (you may have to copy and paste into your browser)...



April 27, 2020:



Today's assignment is to take a NATURE WALK.  Maybe you have a forest near your house or maybe you can walk around your neighbourhood and observe the new Spring flowers or blossoming trees with your family.  What signs of Spring do you observe? What do you hear? See? Smell?  How do you feel?  Please write a few sentences (or more) about your observations.  Or you can take a photo and label what you see.  Or you can video yourself talking about your NATURE WALK and email me your video.  I look forward to your responses!

My favourite observation in Spring is the new Spring flowers.  We plant tulip bulbs in the fall and look forward to seeing them bloom in the Spring.  Right now we have purple and pink tulips in our garden - they look so cheerful and bright!  Unfortunately we never have as many tulips as we plant every year because the neighbourhood animals like to steal our bulbs and eat them as a snack.  I think it must be the neighbourhood squirrels or maybe skunks?  Does anyone know who would eat our bulbs?  Anyway, the few tulips that do bloom bring us a lot of joy!

April 22, 2020:


Please look at the picture and questions in the link (copy and paste in your browser).  You can write answers to one or more questions and email them to me.  Or, you can tell me in a video your responses to one or more of the questions and email me your video.  Enjoy! 

Dewy Pink Tulip